Baltimore City Protestors Want Answers on the Death of 25 Year Old Freddie Gray



Thousands took to the streets of Baltimore City on Saturday, April 25th to protest the death of 25 year old Baltimorean, Freddie Gray. The protest began peacefully as protestors marched from the West District to Baltimore City Hall in downtown Baltimore. Protests became violent when protestors moved through the city to Oriole Park at Camden Yards where they blocked main roads and tried to stop others from entering the ballgame.


Protestors demanded answers from the Baltimore City Police Department.


A young boy joins the protestors holding a sign with a powerful message, “Stop Killing Black People”.


Protestors hold up signs outside of Oriole Park at Camden Yards.


A man holds a black American flag during the protest in downtown Baltimore, MD on Saturday, April 25, 2015.


Police call in back-up to help with security for the protestors.


A protestor yells at cops demanding answers for their actions.


Above, Baltimore Police prepare to move their line forward after dozens of people broke into and trashed police cars that were parked along the street.


An innocent man lies on the ground pretending to be tied up as a display for the police during Saturday’s protest.


“Hands up don’t shoot,” protestors yell and display their message in front of the Baltimore Police.


People gather on the bridge the connects the Baltimore Convention Center to the Hilton Hotel to see the Freddie Gray Protestors.


A line of police stand in riot gear during the Freddie Gray Protests.


Violent protestors continued to disrupt the city by breaking windows of nearby businesses and looting. Here is the 7eleven on the corner of Howard Street and Baltimore Street. Looters came in, stole items and the cash registers from the popular downtown convenient store.




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Opening Day: What to do if your Hubby Has a Bromance—The $838 Payback

 Opening Day: What to do if your Hubby Has a Bromance

The $838 Payback



My husband is a sports nerd.

Really, I can’t take much more. Yesterday was Opening Day for the Orioles and they were playing my husband, Jeff’s, favorite team—the Red Sox.

So naturally Jeff was in Baltimore stalking players. He was with my first-born child, Jessie, of whom he’s brainwashed into being a Red Sox fan and this is bad because Jessie is twitter-savvy. The Red Sox made the mistake of posting a picture; Jessie recognized the Baltimore hotel in the picture; and immediately my email began sputtering out picture after picture of Red Sox sightings.


(Image from Red Sox Twitter Account.)

Jeff and I have been married for 32 years so you’d think I’d be use to the Opening Day scramble by now, but I’m not. He took a day off work to drive to Baltimore. You have to understand my irritation. This is a man who wouldn’t take a day off work for our honeymoon, to move his children to college or to drop me off at the hospital to have surgery. He’s a typical fan with a whole set of sports-induced priorities.

Despite the hard feelings, I’m still smiling. He’s with my daughter and what a great relationship they have—scurrying around Baltimore in their running attire, laughing and talking about the big game. I, too, was lucky enough to have had a great relationship with my dad as did Jeff with his dad. So I’m happy that family trait lives on.

My son, Zak, gave an eye-opening speech at his Grandpa Zahner’s wake three years ago. It truly was an aha moment for me. He said through the Red Sox his grandfather had created a way to keep his family together. It was an unbreakable bond. I never realized it until then, but he was right. No matter where life takes them, all three of my children call their Dad after a game. It is a wonderful connection.

As for me? Don’t worry, girls. I’m fine. I am happily covering the home front, but it’s costly. Take a good look at that picture of my husband with Red Sox catcher David Ross. (Is that a dunce cap Jeff has on?) That picture cost him a little more than a trip to Baltimore.

Dad and Ross

Jeff, honey, while you were away…

Allburn Florists — $68 (Jeff’s attempt at damage control.)
The Limited — $250 (Ok this was last week when I found out you were going.)
Ann Taylor — $156 (You have to love 50% off.)
Nike — $132 (Stole some running shoes for $45!)
Church of the Cross — $20 (Feeling a little guilty I didn’t spend more here.)
Full tank of gas — $40 (The mall is an hour away.)
Lunch — $12 (Oh that’s for energy.)
Ben & Jerry’s — $13 (This one’s for you honey.)
Dinner — $47 (Famished.)
Broadway Show — $100 (Well deserved night out.)
Total — $838

Thanks Honey! 

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Welcome to Life as an Athletchic…

walking up to mound

It’s bright and early, 6:30AM. I hit the snooze button. I don’t want to get up. It is going to be a long day followed by many other long days, but then again that is the life of a businesswoman in the professional sports industry. I get up and rush to get ready for work. I’m on the road by 7:30. Living in a crowded metropolitan area it can be hard and time consuming to get to work. When I park at the Metro stop an hour later I rush to catch a train. AH! I won’t have enough money to get to work. I quickly fill my card with $50. I go through the turnstile and run up the steps, like everyone else this morning. A train pulls up to the busy platform. I file into the car as fast as I can to get the seat I sit in now to type this. It is cold and snowed last night. The Metro is busy and I sit thinking about the summer time; Metro filled with sweaty people, pushing their way into the cars just to stand on top of one another.

I wonder if anyone will ever slow down but I already know the answer to that. As Steve Zahn said in the famous 1996, one-hit-wonder movie, ‘That Thing You Do’, “You gotta be quick with me, I’m from Erie, PA!” That is a true statement for me. I am from Erie, PA and I am definitely quick. I talk fast, walk fast, drive fast, think fast, eat fast, work fast, I do everything fast. Although I am always in a hurry, that is not life in Erie, PA. Erie, PA is a small city in Northwest Pennsylvania which is home to a little over 100,000 people. Erie is best known for its horrible, lake-effect snow ridden winters, as it currently ranks the number one snowiest city in America. The summers are home to comfortable temperatures, Lake Erie, Presque Isle State Park, free concerts on the beach, block parties on State Street (where you can get a beer for a quarter), Pat Monahan from Train (and yes, Train plays ALL THE TIME there!) and most importantly, a community filled with the most genuine and kind people in the world. In Erie, living is fairly easy. There is no traffic, everything is close by, people are polite, you will even get a wave when you run down the street and see another runner. It is the perfect American small town and it is home to the first 18 years of my life.

My name is Jessie, and as you already know I proudly come from Erie, PA. If you know me at all, you know that I am always rushing around. From work to home, from home to soccer, soccer to football, football to baseball, baseball to hockey, hockey to basketball, and finally home again. I am a sports girl at heart, I work in sports, I play sports, I am entertained by sports, I am in love with sports. It is my life. If I had to have slogan, I would twirl around in a $3,000 Giorgio Armani evening gown at the beginning of some Bravo reality show and say, “I may look like a small town girl, but I play in the big leagues,” in a proper, Lisa Vanderpump-like, English accent. Unfortunately, I am not a cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills nor can I afford a $3000 dress. I am just a regular, actually quite weird, 30 year old working girl. I live in Baltimore, MD and work in Washington, DC., but my heart truly belongs to the city of Philadelphia where I spent four years.

So that leaves Athletchic. What is Athletchic? Athletchic is a personality or character style, a certain type of person. An Athletchic is a female, she is an athletic-chic, someone who is an athlete at heart but also a feminine goddess. She is smart, driven, witty, free-spirited, fashionable and most of all, she loves sports. If Athletchic Personality Disorder was added to the DSM-5, I would definitely be diagnosed. I am the girl you see standing on the soccer field in shorts and a Manny Machado t-shirt jersey, talking about the Tom Sandoval vs. Jax Taylor fight last night on Vanderpump Rules. My thoughts and questions can sit in my head no longer, so I am here to share them with you all. It won’t be perfect, it may not be in order, there even may be Kanye West-like rants, but it should be interesting. I will bring to you current events in sports, pop-culture and travel from the perspective of a small town girl living in the city. The most important part of this website will be the readers. I want to stir up a conversation. I want to hear from you. I may write specifically to you, I may interview you, I may ask you questions. Please comment and ask questions. Please answer my questions. I hope to meet you all!


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