As a traveler and a mother, I am constantly looking for ways to make traveling less challenging. Whether it be a road trip or traveling by plane, I am always looking to make my job as a mother easier. When I ask myself how I could make traveling with a toddler more convenient, I think immediately of a few things:

Lighten the Load

Condense the amount of stuff that I bring. Whether that be bags, strollers, carseats, etc. It is hard to be a bag lady while chasing around a toddler around an airport.

Keep Kid Comfortable

This is key to traveling with a child. Think about all of the things you bring to keep your child comfortable while traveling: pillows, blankets, snacks, toys, iPad, etc.

Be able to do it Alone

Some of the time I have to fly solo (with child) and the first time I did was rough! Imagine me in the bathroom with a stroller, 2 carry-ons, 2 backpacks and a diaper bag.

Earlier this year I was introduced to a company called JetKids™. I saw their products on social media and was immediately drawn to their website. When I read their story about how the company was created, parents trying to get their child to sleep on a plane (story of my life), I knew it something I needed to look further into. I took a look at their products, read up on them and had to try them for myself. I decided to go with the JetKids™ Travel Bundle which includes the JetKids™ BedBox™ and a JetKids™ Crew BackPack™ and here is how these products have worked for myself and my child during our travels.

The JetKids™ BedBox™ is one of the smartest products in the travel industry for kids. Small enough to be a carry-on, this stylish suitcase has the space you need to pack your child’s must-haves while also serving as a ride along suitcase that has the ability to turn your child’s seat into a bed! Here are my favorite features about this product:

My favorite (and my kid’s favorite) part of the BedBox is that your little one can actually ride on it! (See picture.) Suitable for children ages 3 to 7 years, the suitcase features a handle and foot ledge. (My little one is not quite 3 years so her feet do not yet hit the ground while riding. She is very small for her age but also very coordinated so I trust her to ride this. JetKids  suggests you wait until your child is 3 years of age and can touch the ground with his/her feet while riding for safety reasons.) No more sweating while transferring flights! I can now pull with her suitcase, instead of carrying both! 

In 5 easy steps, you can turn your BedBox into a bed! (See picture.) The extendable lid lengthens a plane, train or ferry seat into a surface for sleeping. The BedBox comes with a two-piece mattress that creates a comfortable space on the seat for your little one. Worried about safety? This feature is suitable for children 2 years and older. Your child can use the seat belt while lying down or sitting upright.

  • Can be stowed under the seat in front/the overhead compartment.
  • Multi-purpose adjustable strap for carrying or pulling.
  • Shock absorbing front swivel wheels.
  • Bed feature approved by many airlines and usable on trains/ferries.
  • Fits most standard economy seats on plane.
  • Includes stickers which allow your child to personalize their BedBox. (See picture.)

The JetKids™ Crew BackPack™ is another product we have been loving. The Crew BackPack™ is small enough for your little one to wear and also attaches to your BedBox™. The backpack is suitable for everyday use and for travel. Here are my favorite features of this product:

The really cool thing about the Crew BackPack which sets it apart from a normal backpack is there is 2 L of expandable storage which I absolutely love. (See picture.) This is great for bringing home souvenirs or other things your kid may pick up during a trip. It also allows the backpack to grow along with your child. 

If you are a little obsessive about cleanliness, like myself, you will absolutely love this feature. The Crew BackPack has a bottom zipper that fully opens the bottom of the backpack. (See picture.) I love this feature because I am constantly cleaning and my daughter is constantly stuffing rocks, sea shells and pine cones into her backpack. Instead of tipping the bag upside down and vigorously shaking it until all of the sand and dirt is removed from the bottom, I can now just hold the bag over a trash can or outside, unzip the bottom and wipe it clean. It is so convenient if your little one is messy! 

  • Available in the same color as BedBox™ or you can mix & match like we did!
  • Attaches directly to your BedBox™/can be stored inside.
  • Pull-out seat pad suggested for kids age 2 to 7 years.
  • Made of water repellent fabric to use in all weather/environments.
  • Comes with storage bag which can be used to hold dirty clothes/shoes.
  • Reflective embroidering accents to keep child visible while outside.
  • Aviation inspired details, mini aluminum seat buckle closure, bag tag and captain stripes. (See picture.)

I absolutely have been loving the JetKids™ products, and so does my kid. Not only do I love the functionality of using these items while on the road, but we use these at home as well. The stylish look and attractive color allow the pieces to fit in with the rest of my kids playroom without being an eye sore. My daughter likes to fill her BedBox™ with toys and books and pull them from her playroom into her bedroom and all over. We picnic with these products, camp with them, and of course, travel with them. We have turned the BedBox™ into a table while camping, picnicking and even at the drive-in, it has served as a bed in the car while on road trips, a car to ride around the house/block/airport on, there are just unlimited amount of uses for this product. So in summary our favorite things about these products are as follows:

  • The ride along aspect of the JetKids Bed Box™. This makes traveling through the airport or into the hotel, campsite, etc. so easy.
  • The pull along aspect of the JetKids™ Bed Box™. My little one cannot pull her old carry-on but can pull this on her own.
  • The expandable feature of the JetKids™ Crew BackPack™. My kid loves to collects rocks on the road so we are always expanding the backpack so she can fit all of her rocks inside on the way home!
  • The bed feature on the JetKids™ BedBox™. I cannot tell you how amazing this is. The BedBox™ easily transforms a seat into a bed for your child which is so comfortable and convenient while traveling.
  • The stylish look and color of both the JetKids™ BedBox™ and Crew BackPack™. These products are visually stunning and the color is perfect. You will love the look of your kids new travel set.

I give the JetKids™ Travel Bundle an A+ and it has quickly become a travel staple for our family and will continue to be for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing the JetKids™ Travel Bundle, BedBox or Crew Back Pack, click here to be directed to their site. Let me know if you have questions about the products as I would be happy to share! Tell me if you purchased from JetKids™ and how you love and use your JetKids products!